Friday, March 25, 2011

If you dont like my rules, dont play my games.

Hatin' time. Don't take adult roles. You think, "hey. its the easy way to get financial lit credit." NO. It's heeeccckk. essays pretty much like every other day. And Mrs.Robinson .Well shes a teacher alright.. Fact:17 outta like 20 people are failing her class. What does that say about her teaching? Hmm. Figure it out.
'Nough said. 
I, Ally, didn't make student council. and i ran for the most randomest position that no one even knows about. I ran for public relations. Who runs for public relations?apparently a lot of people. i chose it first and was like no one else is gonna run so I'll automatically make it to red and gold week. WRONG. i lost. by like 10 votes.
Something funny today? well it was yesterday.
Chris Sheets, Sean Lee, Asa, Camille, Karla, and I, we were all at the soccer game talking about how funny some players run. 
When Camille says "Tomas runs like a fairy."

That's All :)